All the timber flooring we have used in our House Nine Projects

All the timber flooring we have used in our House Nine Projects

Written by: Jojo Barr



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A total renovation of this barn was necessary to fully realise and maximise its potential. Our clients wanted to enhance its original features, preserving the barn's spirit whilst making it practical for family life.

We opted for Chaunceys' medium-brushed Tectonic® oak planks paired with the subtle tones of our Buttered Toast finish. This is our first-ever collaboration with Chaunceys, designed by yours truly.

Lake House Project
Photos Credit: Robin Quarrelle


Tucked away in a quiet corner of Notting Hill, is this beautiful mews house, a pied-à-terre designed to meet the needs of our busy London client. A complete top to toe renovation of the property, our goal was to create a space ideal for modern-day working and living, while harmonising with the home's charismatic surroundings.

We opted for the Chaunceys' Alabaster collection, in Dream White Tectonic® oak planks.

Lake House Project


Our design for this award-winning luxury seaside resort in Devon, centred on crafting an upscale, tranquil experience for guests, seamlessly connected to the natural surroundings. We used a soothing colour palette inspired by the windswept rugged coastline, incorporating large windows and open spaces to maximise views of the sea and surrounding scenery.

For the flooring, we chose Shrunk & Sawn Tectonic® Oak throughout the hotel. We selected a character grade, which seamlessly adds charm to any space, creating the feeling that the floorboards could be original to the building.


In this West London family home, we opted for a sophisticated style with a touch of whimsy, using bold colours to create depth and mood while ensuring the space is suitable for everyday living. Our aim was to maintain a light and fresh feel, infused with warmth and comfort, opting for the Bristol Tectonic® Engineered Oak in Dry Biscuit from the Alabaster Collection.

Photos Credit: Robin Quarrelle


Before you get started with placing your orders, there are some essential points that you need to consider.

1. Precisely work out the meterage of your space (work with a contractor if you’re not confident in doing this yourself). You don't want to be left with a few floorboards short at the final stages of fitting or to end up with far too many. If you work with flooring professionals such as Chaunceys, they will be happy to offer expert advice on measuring your space for fitting.

2. Find out the subfloor of your room. For example, is it screed, joists, ply, chipboard, or concrete? This information will be important when it comes to getting a quote and finding the right flooring and fitting options.

3. Have a clear time frame for delivery and fitting. The last thing you want is your beautiful floorboards sitting outside in the rain for weeks while the rest of the room is under construction. Wood flooring should always be looked after properly and acclimatised in its new home before installation.

4. Do you know what threshold details you would like? We always take these finishing touches into consideration as it’s these little details that can make a big impact.

5. Order your sample. Trying before buying has never been more important than when sampling wood flooring. Walk around your room and see how your board looks in different light. Does it suit your intended space?

6. Ensure your timber flooring is suitable for your home. Chaunceys will always specify the best type of wood flooring based on how you intend to use the space. Things to consider: Is it a high-traffic area? Does the room receive a lot of natural light? Are there likely to be higher levels of humidity, e.g., in bathrooms and kitchens?

Your home is your sanctuary so it's important to do it well — especially when it comes to a large investment like flooring. So with all this in mind, you can always get in touch with Chaunceys for any technical questions, or work together with House Nine if you would like to add some additional design features to your space. 

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