Kids Rooms

Kids Rooms

Written by: Jojo Barr



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"Kids rooms are where dreams come to play and imaginations run wild!"

Photo: House Nine Project -The Sussex Barn

Kids bedrooms can be magical spaces where sleep, learning, exploration, and play coexist, sometimes accompanied by delightful mess! But fear not, creating a sense of order is within reach. As a designer and a parent, I've discovered some easy tips to craft a room that delights your kids and allows you, as a proud parent, to maintain a sense of pride."

Photo: Jojo's daughters bedroom

Choosing Your Colours

First and foremost, if they are old enough, get your little person involved! You can use your parenting powers to help guide them in the direction you want. Start by letting them choose their two favourite colours from a paint chart, allowing their personality to shine through the room. Using your parental powers, gently guide their choices to ensure a harmonious outcome. If they opt for a bold colour, consider using its muted version for a balanced look. Once the colours are chosen, select a light neutral base colour that compliments the vibrant tones. For example, in Ziggy's room (pictured above), I used Farrow & Ball Strong White on the ceiling and windows, then Lick 05 Green and Farrow & Ball India Yellow, creating a cheerful and inviting space. To create interest and break up the room, I then introduced a stripe gold wallpaper.

For a truly child-safe and low-toxin environment, explore COAT's beautiful new range of certified colours. These future-safe paints provide a healthier and safer option for your little one's room, ensuring they can thrive in a safe environment.

By involving your child in the colour selection process and prioritizing their safety, you'll create a room that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a reflection of your child's unique personality and a haven for their imagination to flourish.

Add a fun rug

A rug is a versatile and essential element in a kids' room, serving both functional and decorative purposes. Just like in any room, a well-chosen rug can tie the entire space together, but in a kids' room, it offers so much more.

A carefully selected rug can anchor the room's overall design, bringing all the elements together cohesively. Whether it complements the theme or adds pops of colour.

The rug can also double as a designated play area. It becomes a cosy spot where your little one can sit and immerse themselves in imaginative play or read books. A soft and plush rug provides a comfortable surface for them to explore their world from a different perspective.

A fun and vibrant rug infuses the room with personality and excitement. Whether it features playful patterns, cartoon characters, or unique shapes, it becomes a focal point that can spark joy and creativity.

We love this animal rug and scalloped edge number.

Photo: House Nine Project -The Sussex Barn


Selecting art for kid's bedrooms is actually one of my favourite things to do and is somewhere you can really have fun and be bold.


Choose vibrant and whimsical posters featuring your child's favourite characters, animals, or inspirational quotes. Large framed posters become eye-catching focal points that reflect their interests and spark their imagination. Keep the frames simple and let the artwork do the talking.

Instead of traditional wall art, you could also consider using hangable rugs as unique wall decor. These rugs can add texture, warmth, and a touch of bohemian charm to the room. Opt for playful designs or intricate patterns that complement the room's theme.

Mirrors can create the illusion of a larger space and add brightness to the room. Opt for fun-shaped mirrors or those with playful frames that add a touch of whimsy to the decor.

You can't go wrong with fun animal heads or this rainbow wall hanging to brighten up the room.

Photo: House Nine Project -The Sussex Barn

Storage Solutions

Every parent knows about the chaos that is post-play time.  While we all wish the rooms can look as perfect as they appear on Instagram, it is important to remember that 99% of the time they will never look like that. Having some storage baskets and boxes is great for packing things away. Our go-to are these sweet cotton storage baskets and this fruit basket, which doubles as a fun accessory. This storage box will also work in all rooms, an essential for staying tidy, and also be slid under the bed.  Don't forget about the power of a vanity unit as extra storage to pack away the extra bubble bath and extra products that might need to be hidden away. The Daphne from Parker & Howley is a favourite of ours.

Photo: House Nine Project -The Sussex Barn

Soft Furnishing

Fun patterned cushions are a delightful addition to a kids' room, adding an extra layer of comfort and whimsy. Involving your little one in the process of selecting cushions is a wonderful idea, as it empowers them to make choices and adds a personal touch to their space. 


It is so easy to get lost in the never-ending world of cushions, but you really can't go wrong with anything from Projektityyny or these lovely striped numbers from Peony and Sage. If your kids are big animal fans, these large animals are an easy win.


The most important thing is to have fun! This is a chance to let your little one's personality shine and express their creativity, as well as yours. Work together to create the perfect harmony, in a room that they will be happy to spend their time in.


Getting started

Starting a new project, even if it's a single room, can often be overwhelming. If you are stuck for inspiration, we suggest creating a Pinterest board, so you can collect all your ideas into one space. Next, is figuring out the foundations of the room, essentially the colours and materials you want to use. We always order some fabric and paint samples and use these to create a mood board (see the above picture as an example). We highly suggest you do this before purchasing anything in large quantities, as things are not always as they seem through a screen. It's also the best way to double-check that all materials work cohesively. 

Have fun with the mood board, this is your time to be creative and explore the patterns and colours you are most drawn to. Most paint suppliers will also have suggestions on which colours work well together. 


When you have your final board in place, it's time to get started! 

If you find you are still getting stuck in your room or really not enjoying the process, then we are of course here to help. Our Virtual Design services are a great option for individual rooms, whether its a complete overhaul or maybe just the finishing touches. 

Don't forget to tag us in your final pictures!